Description of Firm

Established in 1982, Graham Information Management Associates (GIMA) has provided a broad spectrum of records and information management (R&IM) services to clients nationwide.  As a Denver-based firm, GIMA has provided services to over 70 clients in the local metro area and nationwide, covering a wide range of industries, both the private and public sectors, and organizations of all sizes.  GIMA is a group of independent, professional, R&IM consultants which combines the skills and expertise of its associates, on a project by project basis, to provide optimal systems which are matched precisely to the client organization’s specific needs and growth characteristics.

Additional abilities are brought to GIMA through Associate Consultants.  Some of these include: disaster recovery processes and plans; development and implementation of imaging systems; and physical facilities assessment, design, and management planning.

Code of Professional Responsibility

As professionals we adhere to the following Code of Professional Responsibility:

WE BELIEVE that our first duty is to act with objectivity and integrity in the best interest of our Client.

WE RESPECT and preserve the confidentiality of all sensitive information relating to the organizational or business activities of our Client.

WE WILL ACCEPT a project only when we have or can obtain a thorough understanding of the Client’s actual problems and needs, and we will seek every opportunity to extend our professional knowledge, improve our methods, and refine our techniques.

WE WILL KEEP the cost of our services reasonable; our fees will be directly related to the level of professional judgment and technical expertise involved, as well as the time required for competent performance.

WE WILL CONFORM to the spirit of, as well as the letter of the law in undertaking and completing assignments, and we will strive to fulfill every reasonable expectation of our Client.