Professional Expertise for Improved Records Management

At Graham Information Management Associates, we have broad experience in managing corporate records systems. Our associates have achieved the top level of expertise in their field.Records Management word cloud They are Certified Records Managers, with extensive experience evaluating, designing, and optimizing records and information management systems.

We offer you a wealth of knowledge and resources, enhanced by our affiliations with the prestigious Association of Records Managers and Administrators, the Special Libraries Association, and the Institute of Certified Records Managers. With this background, we can assure you the utmost in service. Our first duty is to act with integrity and objectivity in the very best interest of our client. We offer:

  • Records and Information System Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Information, Filing and Retrieval Systems
  • Records Retention Scheduling
  • Library and Archives Management
  • File Center and Records Space Design
  • Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • Staff Training
  • Development of Information Training Manuals
  • Imaging Systems
  • Vital Records Protection Program
  • Contingency Planning
  • Computerized Information Systems Analysis
  • Forms and Reports Management

Scope of Services

A large number of projects in the following “Partial List of Clients” and “Selected Project Descriptions” involved:

  • Systems Review
  • Records and Files Inventories
  • Interviews
  • Reports of Findings
  • Recommendations Development
  • Short- and Long-Range Planning
  • File System Design
  • Retention Scheduling

Information Life CycleWe have developed many records and information management programs for corporations and public entities based throughout the Country, and therefore have extensive expertise in researching both Federal and state records- related laws and regulations. Our ability to provide this research and our general knowledge of records-related laws would insure that the final work products properly address all applicable laws and regulations.

Information Filing and Retrieval Systems

The average business stores up to 70% more records than needed and never refers to 85% of those in the office. Our thorough interview and inventory process evaluates your filing methods and sorts out unneeded records. Then we set up a new custom-designed retrieval system, precisely matched to your needs.

Introducing (FS)2, The “Smart” File System

Our exclusive filing system provides a new and smarter way to organize your records. (FS)2 is functional, understandable, and best of all, easy to use.
It is so flexible, it can change as your company changes. Briefly, (FS)2 uses your company’s logic to describe files more accurately, minimizes confusing filing decisions, and eliminates labor-intensive cross references.

Records Retention Program

Business keep more records than necessary because they do not which can be discarded. Yet by law, many can be eliminated—and should be to prevent legal headaches. We research the applicable regulations and create “retention schedules” allowing you to eliminate unneeded records with a clear conscience.

People Training By the Book

The Information Management Manual, prepared especially for you, is the complete source for all your records system procedures. We offer training for your records staff, using the information management manual as a resource. Formal training can include brief orientations or in-depth operations and management training.

File Center Design and Equipment Selection

We can redesign your file centers to improve accessibility and security while optimizing available space. We assess your systems and recommend the most suitable, efficient records equipment available. Whether you use paper or electronic records, we can incorporate their storage efficiently and attractively, offering you more filing inches per dollar. For example, a color-coded system with open lateral units will reduce expenses.

Imaging Technology

Imaging and micrographics technology can reduce labor, improve access to information, keep records more secure and conserve space. We analyze the feasibility of imaging systems and make recommendations.

Vital Records and Contingency Planning

Vital records are those needed to continue business on a day-to-day basis. We assess critical business processes and develop a continuity plan to get your business back up and running quickly after a disaster.

Library and Archives Management

Your organization may depend heavily on information in publications. We can assist you in the proper design and management of a library. You will gain quicker access to active information while safeguarding important data.